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Official Sailing Clothing Partner 
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Musto is delighted to contribute significantly to this remarkable campaign, supporting Team Australia as they prepare to conquer the world of sailing. Musto Australasia Director, David Oliver, emphasised the rapid innovation in sailing gear, mirroring the advancements in high-tech foiling craft, such as the America’s Cup AC40 yacht. With these vessels sailing up to four times faster than the wind, athletes face extreme conditions, necessitating top-notch performance clothing and gear. Oliver highlighted Musto's commitment to developing groundbreaking products designed to handle these new challenges effectively. He noted that Musto's focus goes beyond just wetsuits and basic waterproofs; the company aims to provide athletes with unparalleled comfort, enhanced mobility, and boosted confidence in the most extreme conditions.

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Official Eyewear Partner

“Bolle are absolutely delighted to support Team Australia in their challenge for the Youth and Women's America's Cup." Paul Schulz, Bolle Sports Australasian Sales Manager, commented. "It's just awesome to see an Australian team back in the AC arena and we know everyone involved will be doing their utmost to bring the trophy back to OZ." Bolle will be providing the latest marine glasses and lenses which are game changing. Our High definition and polarised Volt+ lenses will have the team seeing crystal clear and finding every wind shift on the water.  The speeds of these yachts are getting insane now and seeing clearly and without distortion is paramount. When two boats are coming together at well over 40+ knts, your vision needs to be perfect and we’re stoked to provide our Volt+ Offshore lenses to help get the job done!” 

Official Media Partner
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News Corp Australia and The Australian newspaper are the official media partners for Team Australia Challenge and the campaign for the 37th America's Cup Unicredit Youth and Puig Women's competitions.

News Corp will be providing their readers exclusive stories in the lead in and during the Puig Women's America's Cup and Unicredit Youth America's Cup in Barcelona. 



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