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The America's Cup

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The America’s Cup is the world’s oldest sporting trophy, established in 1851 and is the most prestigious international yachting prize. Informally known as the Auld Mug, the trophy is fought for via match races between a defender nation and challenger nation.

America maintained absolute dominance of the Cup until 1983 when the John Bertrand skippered Australia II, with its Ben Lexcen designed winged keel, broke the 132-year winning streak to claim the Cup for Australia. The Confederation of Australian Sport billed it the ‘greatest team performance in 200 years of Australian sport’.

Australia has not won the America’s Cup since. The competition is staged every 4 years and is currently held by the Defenders New Zealand. After several yacht formats, the main competition is match raced in the foiling AC75 mono hulls. There will be six nations vying for the Auld Mug at the 37 th America’s Cup to be staged in Barcelona in October 2024. The third Youth America’s Cup competition will be staged among 12 nations in the new AC40 foiling mono hull class, followed by the first ever Women’s America’s Cup competition, also in the AC40 yachts.


AC40 Yacht

The New One Design Class

The all new one design class AC40 foiling yachts have arrived.  Designed by Emirates Team New Zealand as the culmination of 6 years’ experience and built by McConaghy is a scaled AC75 foiling day-racer.


The AC40 performance has shown speeds of over 44kts downwind in 20kts TWS and can achieve up to 26kts upwind in just 8kts TWS.


It boasts self-tacking headsails and battery power replacing grinders, it is sailed by two helmsmen and two trimmers. An autopilot control system maintains stable flight on the foils.


The hull has twin cockpits and is made of Carbon honeycomb composite, a single spreader rig with Southern Spars Carbon composite D-spar. The foils are Twin canting T-foils with steel foil wings and flaps and Carbon composite foil arms.


The steering is controlled by a Steel-carbon composite raking T-rudder, a cable steering system and twin helm wheels for the skippers in their respective cockpits.


Grant Dalton: “The intention is creating pathways via the AC40 for the next generation of America’s Cup sailors.”



Team Australia
Challenge Squad


Board Members


Eco-Friendly Design

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The Team Australia Challenge campaign was confirmed in April 2023 by the organiser’s of the 37th America’s Cup as one of 12 national Youth and Women’s competing nations.

We are aiming to win the newest prize in the oldest competition, revolutionise the pathway for women and young athletes on the global stage and transform Australia’s existing legacy with the America’s Cup.

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