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The Team Australia Challenge is the official national entry in the 37th America’s Cup. The countdown is on for our Youth team and first ever Women's team to compete against 11 nations in Barcelona this September and October.

The Australian squad has been selected from across the nation to contest this high speed, high-tech and extreme skills competition, making history in the world’s oldest sporting trophy event and returning Australia to the Cup spotlight.




“I am delighted to be Patron of the Team Australia Challenge. It's game on now we have selected a top tier two teams. To have our women and youth represented in the America’s Cup is a new era. We have a challenge here of national importance I expect Australians to get behind!,” 

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"I am honoured to be a Patron of the Team Australia Challenge. It's an exciting time for our sport to invite women and the youth to compete in the prestigious America's Cup. It opens enormous opportunity for Australia int he future for the America's Cup. I look forward to supporting Team Australia as they proudly represent our nation in the inaugural Women's and Youth America's Cup in Barcelona."

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Team Australia
Challenge Squad 


The Team Australia Challenge campaign was confirmed in April 2023 by the organiser’s of the 37th America’s Cup as one of 12 nations vying for the Unicredit Youth and Puig Women’s America's Cup.

We are aiming to win the newest prize in the oldest competition, revolutionise the pathway for women and young athletes on the global stage and transform Australia’s existing legacy with the America’s Cup into a new future with the Cup.

History Making

Join the journey

Join us at the start line for the most exciting sailing competition on the planet and support our Australian teams to realise their dream. There are lots of ways to get behind our campaign and our teams.


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